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How can your IP address reveal your location?

There are two things you always should remember about IP addresses: Each IP address is unique and each IP address defines a location. Which means that anyone can see your real geographical location or, in other words, where exactly your device is at the moment. All resources nowadays collect data about their visitors – it is essential. Ecommerce websites need to know where their visitors come from, as they analyze their strategies and promotion efforts. Many useful options depend on geographical location, like the possibility to launch the correct language version of a website or offer content targeted towards certain countries. IP address is the most used method to define a geographical location. The calculations can be very accurate (up to 10 meters) that is why your sensitive data needs protection.

What does IP address means?

An IP address is a unique identifier for each device. When you ask, "what is my ip", you're inquiring about this unique identifier. Any two devices can receive or transfer information only after they both identified each other with an IP address. This address is sensitive information and requires protection. It can be simply changed with services such as VeePN or other private networks. A VPN will change your IP address by placing you in a different country virtually. Your traffic and personal data is safe and routed through a tunnel with 256-bit encryption, so that no one can see where you are and what you are doing online.

What data can be revealed with IP address?

Your browsing history can be gathered and tracked by websites to know about you more. By combining your information, metadata, cookies, preferences in searches and your IP address websites and advertisers can build quite a thorough profile about you. Your information can also be tracked by hackers or cybercriminals and be used for outlaw operations. In many cases, IP address and your geographical location are additional validation factor for online payments. Your location can also be the reason of content restrictions at different resources.

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VeePN is a virtual private network service that operates 50+ worldwide locations in 40+ countries to provide internet security and personal safety to its users. We guarantee strong No Logs Policy which means we do not save our logs or any other activity online. We encrypt your traffic with highly-effective 256-bit encryption to ensure the best private internet experience.

VeePN is the best solution for hiding your location along with personal sensitive information. While VeePN is on, you are redirected to other IP address, which means you are safe and protected. So, if you’re worried about what people can see about you online, start using a VPN.

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